About Us

Terrarockshop.com is based in Quebec, Canada. We are a wholesale only business serving retailers, collectors, artisans and resellers. We’ve been collecting rocks since 2010 and have since continued ordering crystals from across the globe. 

Over the years we’ve built one of the largest selections of rocks, crystals, polished stones, and raw minerals, a selection that continues to grow yearly. We now offer over 450 different types of tumbled stones, including shungite, selenite, spheres, pyramids, palm stones, points and a wide variety of rare crystals.

Our collection also holds amethyst from Brazil, Uruguay and from ThunderBay in Canada. Including rough rocks, slabs, cabochons and much more. We are proud to source from an extensive list of growing suppliers to meet your crystal needs here in Canada.

We are constantly refining our purchasing process. Our end goal is to know exactly where each batch of crystals originates from so we may purchase according to ethical considerations and fair trade with local artisan and miners from across the globe.